Starting a New Job

Whether you are climbing the corporate ladder in a new role or changing careers altogether, starting a new job can create a sense of excitement. Often times that excitement is accompanied by a nervousness due simply to a lack of familiarity. A part of the uneasiness comes from the many financial decisions that go hand in hand with this transition.

  • What should I do with my prior 401k/403b?
  • Am I choosing the right health benefits for my family?
  • Is the tax withholding correct going forward and incorporating other current year income?

For most of us, these questions aren’t those we think about often, but can be critically important to our personal financial success. As you begin your transition by answering the questions above, you can move onto more in-depth questions that can help you get the most out of your new job.

  • Am I taking advantage of an employer match in the new 401k/403b plan?
  • Should I be utilizing employee stock purchase plans (ESPP) offered?
  • Do I have a strategy to monetize stock option/restricted/performance stock compensation?

Each question above can be answered in generalities, but it is paramount your answers are tailored to your financial situation, your career aspirations, and your personal goals.

Let us help turn your new job “to-do” checklist into a much more meaningful discussion.

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By Conner Kolodge | October 29th, 2019 | Wealth Management

About the Author: Conner Kolodge

Initially focused in financial compliance, Conner transitioned into personal finance to utilize his knowledge and skills to make meaningful differences in the lives of family and friends. He strives to connect client’s life goals with their finances.