With any occupation, there are aspects you may thoroughly enjoy and others that prove difficult, challenging and maybe even painful. While I certainly believe ours is tilted heavily into the positive, it also is no different.

I know I, and all of us at Cherry Tree, are incredibly fortunate to be in a position to help others achieve their goals, their hopes and dreams, their life’s mission. As an investment advisor, we are often tasked with putting all of the financial, professional and personal aspects together into a plan that encompasses all a client may hold dear. With that great fortune comes an arguably more important responsibility as life comes closer to an end. Over the years, clients have become more than clients; they are grandparents, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, parents, and in most cases thus far, people I admire and are proud to know.

Today was a hard day. It didn’t include death, but it did give a stark reminder that it is inevitable. I understand one of the most important elements of our job is being someone and something that can be counted on without fail in some of life’s most difficult moments. While we are tasked with managing financial investments over time, I find I have made equally as important investments in who I work for and who I work with. It is a unique perspective to be both a liaison and witness to love between spouses who make decisions selflessly, to be a bridge between generations as they pass down both their wisdom and values, to be the assurance that things will be okay even when they are gone.

Our investment in you is our devotion of our time, energy, ideas and resources as well as our emotional stake. There are some clients that hire us to be a trusted investment advisor and nothing more, but I am lucky to know that most continue working with us over time because we care.

About the Author: Conner Kolodge


Conner transitioned into personal finance to utilize his knowledge and skills to make meaningful differences in the lives of family and friends. He strives to connect client’s life goals with their finances. Conner has been recognized as a “FIVE STAR wealth manager” by Twin Cities Business Magazine for 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023.

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