Last week I received an email from a client titled “Change of plans.” They were reversing course on a major decision; one we had talked about many times. The email made it sound like they had put some serious further thought into this and were confident in their decision. Guess what I did? I called them to learn more because I was concerned that their conclusion didn’t match up with their goals.

Sometimes we make emotional decisions and don’t take time to consider all the facts. That can result in costly mistakes. I enjoy having a close relationship with my clients. It gives me the freedom to challenge their beliefs at times and confirm that their decisions match up with their dreams.

In this case, I learned that my perception of their goals was slightly off and that circumstances had changed. I was the one who didn’t have all the facts. That’s okay. It was still a very good conversation and I felt much better knowing that they were accomplishing their new goals.

Do you have an advisor who will challenge you when they see a disconnect between your actions and goals?

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