Business Continuity Management

Cherry Tree has an ongoing and comprehensive business continuity management program in place intended to help us respond to and recover from a business disruption. The business continuity management program coordinates all our business disruption preparation efforts, including impact identification/analysis and plan development.

Contacting Us
In case of a business disruption, you should attempt to contact us at our usual number: 952-893-9012 or by email. If you can not reach us, please call us at this emergency number: 612-978-0264.

Cherry Tree Business Continuity Plan
We developed the business continuity plan to protect the interests of our clients, shareholders and employees, and to support the recovery of our core businesses. All areas of the company have documented continuity plans that identify their core functions and the resources required to conduct them. Each plan accounts for significant technology outage at our facility, denial of access to our facility and localized disaster.

Our responses to each of these will depend on the external variables associated with the disruption (the time of day and the extent of the disruption, for example), but may include transferring functions to alternate sites or activation of and relocation to our proprietary recovery sites. On a best-effort basis, our goal is to begin resuming activities at the recovery site within 48 hours of activating our business continuity plan.

Back-up Facilities and Arrangements
Cherry Tree has taken a series of steps to ensure that adequate redundancy is in place to provide resilience during a disruption. We have focused on key technology infrastructure to support recovery of our core functions.

Since it is impossible to anticipate every type of potential disaster, there can be no assurance that there will be no interruption of Cherry Tree’s business functions in all circumstances.

Cherry Tree Wealth Management is an SEC registered investment advisor and fiduciary advisory firm.