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Goals, goals, goals

The three most important things about real estate are location, location, location. If we broaden that out to all financial decisions, I think the three most important things are goals, goals, goals. If you don’t know what you’re trying to achieve with your money,...

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Bitcoin Skeptic

Are you following the Bitcoin trend? It keeps hitting new highs as ever more big money managers warm to idea of cryptocurrencies. Count me out for now. It’s not that I haven’t tried to convince myself of its potential. It’s that after all my research I still haven’t...

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Protecting assets

Have you heard about the latest phone scam? Callers are reaching out to set up your COVID-19 vaccine appointment. In the process they ask for your personal information and credit card. If you’re stressed or busy, you might forget that the COVID-19 vaccine is free to...

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GameStop is entertaining from afar

All the trading in GameStop over the past few weeks has been quite entertaining. That’s easy for me to say because I am not trading on either side. The WallStreetBets community and hedge funds can duke it out for as long as they want. What they are doing in the stock...

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Lessons from 2020

Each year I like to reflect on what I learned. Most years that can be summed up in a few bullet points. This year I could write a multi-page essay. Nevertheless, I will force myself to stick to a few bullet points. Here is what I learned: Treasury bonds and cash are...

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