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Your Mood Affects Your Financial Decisions

My friend Tony described the current state of things as “moving through molasses.” It’s a fitting description for things. Everything takes longer right now. Life just feels hard. People react to that in different ways. Some of us get angry. Some of us get sad. Did you...

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Private Equity – All that Glitters is not Gold

A friend of mine was offered an opportunity to invest in a late-stage private equity company last year. The story he was told was that he could invest at $2.25 per share. They expected to complete a final round at twice that price within a few months and then go...

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Values-based bond investing

Each year that goes by, more investors are interesting in aligning their investments with their values. There are several names for this (ESG, SRI, Impact investing, etc.). I prefer to call it values-based investing because that sounds less jargony. Values-based...

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Two Things that Move Stock Prices

There are two things that move stock prices. In the short-term, stocks are a popularity contest. How else can you explain some of the values of tech stocks today? People are voting with their hard-earned dollars. They love tech stocks…at least for now. Some day they...

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Two Ways to Stay Rich

Have you ever looked around a bookstore for the section on how to stay rich? You could fill a library with books about how to get rich. That’s because there are so many ways to get rich. You can take a lot of risk and hope to get lucky. You can save diligently for...

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