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Keep Buying

The stock market is fun again this year. Most stocks are up, many are up big. Some stocks are up so much, it’s hard to justify their prices. It’s more likely than not they will fall. This brings us to a fun debate, what should you do with excess cash? My general...

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Hourly Rain Forecasts

When darker clouds roll in, my girls often ask me if it’s going to rain. I used to look at my phone and see what the latest hourly forecast shows. There are multiple apps, including The Weather Channel, that will give you the percent chance of rain each hour. The...

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Valuations Don’t Matter This Year

Valuations don’t matter, at least not in the short term. That’s valuable perspective because the biggest U.S. companies are clearly expensive right now. It’s hard to justify today’s price for Amazon, Alphabet, Apple, Meta, Microsoft, NVIDIA, and Tesla by looking at...

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Don’t Wait for Your Medicare Premiums to Go Down

Medicare is a great retirement benefit offered to Americans 65 and older. For most people it offers significant savings on their health insurance. To help pay for this program, those with higher incomes pay higher premiums. These higher premiums start for individuals...

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Most Individual Stocks Offer Sub-Par Returns

Warning, this blog will be a bit nerdy. Stick with me though. I’ll bring it back to plain English. You might have a large stock position in a single company, or a few companies, for a variety of reasons. Maybe you inherited it. Maybe you received stock grants or stock...

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