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It’s Okay to Take a Break

Can I tell you a secret? Last Thursday and Friday I took a staycation. Yes, in the midst of this pandemic, I took time to recharge. I had already reached out to all of my clients, many of them multiple times over the past month. It was time for a break. I set my email...

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What Should You Do with Your Stimulus Check?

The government will soon be sending out stimulus checks to people. What should you do with it? Here are a few things to consider: Leave it at your bank to cover short-term expenses. The extent of this shutdown has likely surprised people who thought their job was...

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Why We Didn’t Sell

As of 3/16/20, the S&P 500 Index is down around 30% from its recent high. There has been a catastrophic short-term drop in the stock market. That naturally leads people look back and ask why we didn’t sell. After all, we knew this virus was going to be bad, right?...

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Life Changing Wealth

As people near retirement, I often ask them whether their life would change if their money doubled. For some people, it definitely would change their lives to double their wealth. If you got a late start to saving or had some hard breaks along the way, you might need...

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Cold Weather

Cold weather is a fact of life in Minnesota winters. It’s the price we pay for beautiful summer days at the lake and unbeatable fall weather. Not everyone here loves the below zero temps that come, but we have learned to deal with them. Those who can’t stand a week...

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