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My Oversimplified Financial Plan

Financial planning is easy in your early years. If you’re wise and received good advice, you started saving 12%-15% of your income from your first day of full-time work. That works for the first few decades. When you hit middle age, you will want to see if you’re on...

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Should You Buy The Dip?

Stocks are on sale this year. Should you buy the dip? While generally I would say yes, there are some important caveats. Buy the dip is more reliable when you’re buying a diversified portfolio. Individual companies go out of business or fall into long-term slumps all...

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Run Your Race

Did you watch the Kentucky Derby on Saturday? I had to watch it twice to understand how Rich Strike won the race. I’m not a horse racing expert, but here’s what I saw. The favorites went out too fast. The announcer even commented on it – “That opening half mile...

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Tax Review

Hooray! We all survived another tax season. I hope it wasn’t too bad for you. I know many people had to pay larger than expected tax bills this year. Mostly that was due to people earning a lot of money in 2021…but it also could be a sign of poor planning. Here are a...

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More Roth Conversion Opportunities

Congress is working on legislation that will change retirement account rules yet again. The bill dubbed “Secure Act 2.0” passed the house this week. Many of the proposed changes have broad bipartisan support and are expected to be reconciled with a Senate bill this...

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