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Do you want to undo your RMD?

When the stock market dropped like a rock in March, the government generously waived required minimum distributions (RMDs) for the rest of the year. That was designed to save you from having to sell stocks at a low point to take money of your IRA/401k accounts. At the...

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You Can’t Have It All

Is everyone having fun navigating what you should and should not do during this pandemic? It seems like there are infinite judgement calls to make as society reopens. My daughter is almost 2 years old. She can’t do social distancing. Knowing that, what children do I...

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Rock bottom cash yields

People are holding more cash than usual right now and for good reason. Periods of uncertainty are why people build emergency funds in the first place. Those who were fortunate to keep their job and full salary had a hard time spending money on anything but the...

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Details Matter

A reminder popped up on my calendar yesterday – “Tell John Smith to re-file Social Security benefits at age 70.” This is the first of many similar reminders that will come up over the next handful of years. John filed a restricted application for Social Security...

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Inflation and Taxes

The U.S. government is spending trillions of dollars to support our economy through this pandemic. Most of this is money we do not have. The government will be borrowing trillions of dollars on top of our already big national debt. This prompts a lot of people to ask...

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