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Tech companies have too much cash

Big technology companies are buying up office properties (WSJ article). Why is this noteworthy? It’s a sign they have run out of more productive ways to spend their cash. Typically, high growth companies would lease their real estate because they want to reinvest...

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Early Retirement

I love working with early retirees – those fortunate enough to retire in their 50s or early 60s. They are often high earners who suddenly find themselves in a lower tax bracket. This presents a number of fun planning opportunities – Roth conversions, IRA withdrawals,...

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Simpler is Better

Years ago, I bought blinds for my downstairs bedrooms. Home Depot had a special where I could get blinds that open from the top and bottom for the same price as standard ones that only come up from the bottom. The saleswoman couldn’t believe that I didn’t want the...

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What does CFA mean?

I have three letters after my name that I am quite proud of, even if most of my clients don’t understand what they mean. Either the CFA Institute or I haven’t done a good enough job explaining those marks, maybe both. Let me take a few minutes to try today. What does...

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Sustainability-Linked Bonds

Achieving your goals in finance often involves aligning incentives with your desired outcome. This is an area where traditional green bonds have fallen short. Companies have been issuing green bonds for years with promises to use the money on projects like solar...

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