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Don’t Wait for Your Medicare Premiums to Go Down

Medicare is a great retirement benefit offered to Americans 65 and older. For most people it offers significant savings on their health insurance. To help pay for this program, those with higher incomes pay higher premiums. These higher premiums start for individuals...

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Most Individual Stocks Offer Sub-Par Returns

Warning, this blog will be a bit nerdy. Stick with me though. I’ll bring it back to plain English. You might have a large stock position in a single company, or a few companies, for a variety of reasons. Maybe you inherited it. Maybe you received stock grants or stock...

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Mortgage Loan to Family

Do you want to give your adult child a leg up in buying their first home? Consider offering them a mortgage loan. Starter homes are still in short supply. Prices remain high and now mortgage rates are considerably higher than a year ago. If you have the financial...

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When HSAs Become Taxing

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are one of the best savings vehicles allowed in the U.S. You get a tax deduction when you contribute money. The money grows tax free. When used for a qualified medical expense, that money comes out tax free. What’s not to like? Well, if...

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New Contribution Limits for 2023

The updated 2023 contribution limits have been out for a while, but I’ll still throw them out there to make sure you didn’t miss them. They increase the maximum contributions annually to keep up with inflation...and there was a lot of inflation last year. In 2023 you...

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