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Flexibility is Key

As a parent with two young children, I’m constantly reminding myself to be flexible. Just yesterday, as I was walking my four-year old into preschool, she stopped to pick up salt on the sidewalk. I was in a hurry to drop her off and get to work, but she wanted to know...

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Almost half of active managers succeeded!

Here is an actual Wall Street Journal headline that popped up on my phone last week, “Almost Half of Stock Pickers Beat the Market in Early 2022 Selloff.” The subheading went on to exclaim that this was their best performance in 13 years. Let me get this straight. 49%...

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Up to $20k in Student Loan Forgiveness

From 1980-2020 the average cost of college increased by 180%. In 2020, more than half of bachelor’s degree graduates walked away from graduation with debt. The average debt among them was $28,400. Early in the pandemic, the Trump administration put a pause on payments...

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Fraud Warning

I’ve seen an uptick in fraud attempts lately. Let me give you a few recent examples: Someone called my father-in-law claiming he’d won Publishers Clearing House. They said he couldn’t tell anyone or he’d lose his prize. He just needed to send them some money to cover...

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The Step-Up (or Down) in Basis

While the step-up in basis rule at death has been on the chopping block in Washington the past few years, it has maintained its form through each challenge. The cost basis rule, when used correctly, can save the next generation (or surviving spouses) anywhere from...

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