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Lessons from 2020

Each year I like to reflect on what I learned. Most years that can be summed up in a few bullet points. This year I could write a multi-page essay. Nevertheless, I will force myself to stick to a few bullet points. Here is what I learned: Treasury bonds and cash are...

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Are the Twins really value investors?

As a lifelong Minnesotan, I’m used to the Twins refusing to spend money. They said they’d spend when they got a new stadium. That didn’t happen. They said they’d spend when their competitive window opened. They sort of did that, but it’s still less than I was hoping...

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Good process, bad result

I started working from home on Friday, November 13th. My mother-in-law has six added risk factors for COVID-19, and my family wanted to go visit her and others for Thanksgiving. That means my wife, my daughter, and I stopped seeing anyone from another household long...

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Start investing young

I had a Zoom call with my niece a few weeks ago. She saved up a little bit of money and was ready to invest it. It was so much fun to explain to her how investing works. She’s 10, so the main point was that she can buy ownership in companies. I think she really liked...

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Investors have spoken

Investors have spoken. They are looking forward to at least two years of gridlock in Washington. The stock market rallied strongly following election day (even before the Pfizer/COVID news). While it’s always dangerous to attribute stock market movements to any one...

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