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How to earn more on your cash – hold less

Are you looking to earn more on your cash? Are you tired of earning pennies of interest on thousands of dollars that you have sitting idle each month? Okay…take more risk. That’s the only way to do it. There are many products that have been created to offer better...

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The Only Constant in the Tax Code is Change

For the second time in four years, we find ourselves with a president whose party holds a narrow majority in both houses of Congress. Both presidents took the opportunity to try to pass big changes to the tax code. The narrow majority tends to limit their reach. How...

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What is a SPAC?

I got a call from a client the other day. Our quarterly client letter listed several speculative investments we would avoid, among them SPACs. He wanted to know what a SPAC was. SPACs have been around for a while but have become increasingly popular in the past year....

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A Debt Collector’s Dream

Did I ever tell you about the time I got a notice from a debt collector? No, this wasn’t a mistake in my youth. It was last May. I was quite surprised. I always pay my bills on time. My family lives below our means. I’m the one who pays all the bills in our family. I...

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