Investment Theory & Research Drives our Approach

Our Philosophy

At Cherry Tree Wealth Management (CTW), we make investment decisions based on years of academic research. Our investment philosophy is tax efficient and low cost, allowing Cherry Tree Wealth Management to invest for the long term and not be distracted by short term market noise. CTW implements knowledge and discipline to mitigate risk and maximize benefits to effectively align your financial assets with your personal goals.

Our Process

Our process is driven by a holistic approach focusing on four key elements of wealth, including Protection, Enhancement, Transference and Donations. We understand, it’s hard to know where to go, if we don’t know where you are to start. CTW begins with reviewing all elements of a client’s financial profile whether you are an individual, family or business. We take into consideration current investment portfolios and accounts, balance sheet assets, and annual cash inflows and outflows. We evaluate family income, age, number of dependents, education funding needs, family dwellings and vacation homes, family businesses and overall net worth. CTW will facilitate relationships with other advisors, including legal counsel, tax advice and preparation, and insurance professionals. 

Through our process, we develop a full comprehensive analysis to develop the best investment strategies continually focused on getting you there. In life and legacy.  

Our Strategy

At CTW, we believe our investment strategy is unrivaled. Together with our clients, we jointly formulate a plan and administer a “stress-test” to simulate how the portfolio may perform under different economic conditions and lifestyle need scenarios and illustrate the risks and opportunities in managing the portfolio. Through regular reviews, we are able to assure your wealth strategy is continually aligned both to your family financial and relationship changes and to your personal goals.

“I help people feel comfortable talking about money. I want to build a long term relationship with clients to ensure their definition of success is met, not mine.” 

Justin Frys • Investment Advisor, Cherry Tree Wealth Management

Client Experience

Client Experience

At CTW, we don’t just manage your portfolio. We create an experience as extraordinary as you are. We understand each individual, family or business has specific needs, questions and different financial considerations that are uniquely relevant to their personal financial goals.  Our advisors embrace these differences and form strong bonds built on trust and transparency that contribute to a customized client experience.




CTW advisors understand what is important to our clients. We collect information necessary to manage their financial affairs and explore financial topics such as investing familiarity and background, risk profiles, and current brokerage arrangements, as well as values, personal goals, family dynamics and future life challenges.


We carefully interpret and consider your existing investments, risk tolerance, balance sheets and projected lifetime cash flows to formulate successful wealth strategies. This wealth strategy document reiterates our understanding and analysis of your needs and is an integral part in developing a detailed financial plan. 


We prepare a strategic investment plan that clearly depicts your discovery profile, lifetime cash flows, and our detailed analysis found in your wealth strategy document. This comprehensive financial report provides specifics into how CTW intends to manage your investment portfolio resulting in a living document that will be maintained and revisited in future client interactions.

Reporting. Rebalancing and Recalibrating

Regular financial reporting, client meetings and phone conversations are established to ensure that we are always aware of our client’s needs and that they are fully informed as to how their money is being managed. We rebalance portfolios to assure that over long periods of time, you build value by buying low and selling high. We regularly recalibrate your plan to assure that it fits you very well.

Cherry Tree Wealth Management is an SEC registered investment advisor and fiduciary advisory firm.