Charnelle and I coined a phrase that we use to kindly remind each other when we’re worrying too far ahead. We call it “advanced level worrying.” Let me give you an example. Adoption costs a lot of money – tens of thousands of dollars. As we were waiting for years through our first adoption process, sometimes my mind would wander ahead to wondering how we were going to save for our next adoption. That was textbook advanced level worrying. We were still wondering if we would ever get to adopt one child. It wasn’t time to worry about saving for the next one yet.

Planning many steps ahead makes sense. Worrying too many steps ahead doesn’t. Let’s use saving for college as an example. My daughter Raelyn turns one year old this week (yes, adoption #1 did happen). That means she’s only 17 years from going to college. College costs continue to explode. Can you imagine what her undergraduate degree will cost? I can imagine it, but it’s not worth worrying about. I can’t control what it costs. I can plan for it by saving (I am). Then I can move on to more pressing things.

If you need help moving beyond advanced level worrying, let me know. Sometimes talking through things helps you realize when you’re doing it.

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