We hit a major milestone in the O’Connor household this month. My daughter learned sign language for “more.” That means she no longer screams when she needs us to put more food on her highchair. What a relief! Next up – teaching her an abundance mindset.

You see if Raelyn has five pieces of cheese in front of her, but she sees ten pieces sitting over on the counter, she wants those ten immediately. I can just imagine her thinking, “I don’t want them to go away. I must have them now.” I hope to teach her to be grateful that she will always have plenty to eat. And when she finds something good like cheese, she should share it with others.

I’m not perfect, but I try to have an abundance mindset. This means I share in the successes of others. I regularly engage with advisors from other investment firms because I know that sharing our knowledge with each other will make us all smarter. Some people might argue that I’m making our competition smarter. That doesn’t matter to me. There are plenty of people out there who need investment advice. My business will continue to grow if I spend my time and energy getting better at my job by learning from others. I hope that my colleagues’ businesses also grow as they learn from me. We can all succeed together.

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John has more than ten years experience as an Investment Advisor. He focuses on devising and maintaining portfolios that meet individuals’ needs, investment research, and investment strategy. John has been recognized as a “FIVE STAR wealth manager” by Twin Cities Business Magazine 2016-2020.